Purposes of the Fenian Historical Society

The FHS was organized in 2014 to document and commemorate the history of the Fenian Brotherhood and Sisterhood, active mainly 1858 to 1880 in the United States. Subsequent efforts to restore the independence of Ireland, culminating in the 1916 Easter Uprising, are included in the educational goals of the FHS.

Brief History of the Fenians

The original Fenians were warrior bands called fianna who served the High King to protect Ireland. Their most famous leader was Finn McCool, whose exploits are told in the Fenian cycle or oral stories. When John O’Mahoney formed a new revolutionary organization in New York City in 1858 to fight for an independent Irish Republic, he used this familiar concept and named the movement the Fenian Brotherhood. His successful efforts to recruit thousands of Irishmen were disrupted by the American Civil War where many of them died on both sides. Revolutionary Fenian actions, including invasions of Canada and risings in Ireland, resumed when the conflict ended.

Invitation to Join

Connect with others who share an interest in the history of the militant Irish Republican movement to pursue our following primary objectives:

  • Collect, store, and disseminate information on the Fenian movement, along with relevant other history about the struggle to free Ireland from British rule
  • Educate the public about the movement through lectures, publications, and living history presentations
  • Commemorate significant events such as the Fenian invasions of Canada from New York and Vermont
  • Erect and dedicate suitable monuments to Fenian leaders and actions
  • Promote recognition of the historical significance of the movement

CAUTION: FHS policy is to avoid taking a position on controversial contemporary political issues! Our mission relates to the historical back ground, not current events.


Annual Membership Rates

Individual:  $ 25.00

Family$ 35.00

Institution / Business$ 50.00

Donations are also welcome for specific projects, such as monuments, interpretive signage, and for the general fund to support our mission.

Note: The FHS does not have non-profit status at this time.

FHS intends to offer premiums such as replica Fenian Brotherhood medallions, copies of relevant publications, and posters in the future.

To download a printable membership form click HERE